Most Immersive VR Experiences in Cornwall

Experience the thrill of VR escape rooms at VRcade, Cornwall's premier VR arcade.

VR Library

VRcade, library, games, experiences

VR Library

Features an extensive collection of virtual reality experiences, ranging from immersive adventures to educational simulations. Dive into new worlds and discover limitless possibilities in VR!

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VRcade, library, games, experiences, escape rooms

VR Escape Rooms & Adventures (best for groups)

Provides immersive group experiences, perfect for team-building and group fun. Tackle puzzles and embark on thrilling adventures together in a fully interactive VR setting!

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VR Kids Experiences

Offers a thrilling selection of child-friendly virtual reality games and educational adventures, designed to engage and inspire young minds. Perfect for interactive learning and fun!

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Immerse Yourself in Virtual Reality Adventure

VRcade, how it works

How it works?

VRcade strive to make your experience as seemless and exciting as possible, click down below for more info.

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Immersive VR Experiences

Step into a world of virtual reality and explore a wide range of games, adventures, and experiences that will transport you to another dimension.
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