VR Kids Experience Session Library

Explore our curated collection of fun and educational VR adventures for kids. Perfect for engaging young minds! Unsure what to choose? Simply book a time, and select your games upon arrival.

VR Kids Session Library

Unsure what to choose? Simply book a time, and select your games upon arrival.

Fruit Ninja VR

Brings the wildly popular fruit-slicing game into virtual reality, letting you chop, swipe, and slash your way through colorful fruit cascades with real-life movements. Perfect for all ages, this game combines simple, addictive gameplay with the physicality of VR to create a fun and engaging experience.

All in One Sports VR

A virtual reality game that brings a wide array of sports into one immersive experience. Players can compete in various activities like baseball, tennis, golf, and more, all from the comfort of their own home. It’s perfect for sports enthusiasts looking to practice their skills or just have fun competing in a virtual setting.

Angry Birds VR

Takes the classic slingshot gameplay into immersive 3D virtual reality. Strategically launch birds to demolish structures and outwit the mischievous pigs in a series of fun and challenging levels, all set on a remote island. Perfect for fans looking to experience their favorite game in a whole new way!

Job Simulator

Offers a whimsical VR experience where players engage in exaggerated and humorous versions of everyday jobs. Set in a world where robots have replaced all human jobs, this game lets you cook, office work, and conduct retail tasks with a playful twist. It's a delightful satire of work life that's both entertaining and interactive.

Gorilla Tag

A unique and exhilarating VR game where players move like gorillas using their arms to run, jump, and climb through a vibrant environment. In this multiplayer experience, you can either chase as "it" or flee to avoid being tagged, all within a physics-driven playground that guarantees energetic and laugh-filled gameplay.

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